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Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Pro Stock Stick


Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Pro Stock Stick

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The Rekker EK60 Composite Stick has been developed with Sher-Wood’s commitment to offer you the lightest, most reliable and responsible low kick hockey stick in the industry. And now it’s here—the first graphene-infused composite stick to ever hit the ice.

What’s graphene? It’s only the coolest composite material to show up on the sports scene in ages. Graphene has been integrated into the key breakage areas of the Rekker EK60 to make your stick not only lighter, but more durable and more resistant against hacks and slashes. Graphene itself is a nano-material that’s about 200 times stronger than steel. Even better, it combines that strength and power with light weight and flexibility.

At just 385 grams, the Rekker EK60 is the lightest composite stick you can buy. The carbon fiber, infused with graphene, and the handcrafted quality of the Rekker EK60 makes it the perfect partner on the ice. Just what you need to get in there and fire off fast shots like it’s nobody’s business. This stick is responsive. The stick reacts so smoothly to your actions. You work in sync, like a team that has practiced so much together that they move as one. It’s like your own hand responding immediately and instinctively.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the VRF.2 blade is the most responsive and vibration-free blade yet. It utilizes a high-performance foam core which will keep the stick feeling newer for longer. A carbon fiber bridge provides support and rigidity and ensures the blade stays square to the target without losing shot accuracy. The lower torsion gives you precise control and more accurate shots.

While this stick is lightweight and super easy to handle, it also holds up like a champ to hacks and slashes thanks to graphene reinforcing key breakage areas. Grab it and hang on, because you’re about to go way beyond your own expectations.

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